Price List

Labor prices only, parts and materials may be extra. Exact quotes can be given once the instrument has been inspected.

Restring – $20 (Floyd Rose or Classical add $5)

Basic Setup – $60

Pro Setup – $120 (includes fret level & crown)

Custom made bone nut or saddle – $60

BONEHEAD package for acoustic guitar – bone nut, saddle and setup $120

Pickup install, electric guitar – $40 for the first one, $10 for each additional

Pickup install, acoustic guitar – $60 and up

Replace pot, jack or switch – $30 for the first one $10 for each additional

Treble Bypass mod – keep your sound clear when you turn down – $10

Upgrade Tone Caps/ 50’s Wiring – make your tone control useful! – $10

Refretting – Partial $150 and up, Full refret $250 and up

Fretless bass conversion – $200, apply clear finish to fingerboard add $100

Convert guitar to left handed – $150 and up


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